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Cape Cod's First Choice when Dining Out  !
There is a new "BUZZ WORD" in the Technology and Scientific Communities that chances are you will soon hear more and more of in your daily lives ~ it is "Collective Intelligence." 

Basically what that means is ~ by gathering and sharing ~ the ideas, dreams, and information from a large group of people  ~ better products and services can be created. Over the past couple of years this process has been scientifically proven to improve the lives of all involved.

We at the Cape Cod Arts Network also believe this, but, we believe the idea has actually been around for a very long time ~ and it's called "Community Involvement."

We know that with YOUR involvement in this web site ~ together we can make this the very best Restaurant Directory for all to use and benefit from !

That is why we offer FREE LISTINGS and FREE LINKS to all Restaurants and Food Service Businesses that have Websites, and that is why we hope you will keep in touch with us on a regular basic with new, useful, and current information ~ so that all may benefit from this Community Built Intelligent Directory !